"UNITY" - This is a very difficult thing for seafarers, as different person sailing in different ship, joining and coming on leave in different time. So, being united for seafarers is very difficult. In November 1999, some of Marine Engineers from Kolkata gathered at Kolkata Marine Club, and on discussion regarding seafarer´s unity, decided to form an association for Marine Engineers.

They wanted all Marine Engineers from eastern zone to be united through this association. From 1999 to 2013, during these long years we are slowly achieving our goal.

While sailing, as mariners are always away from their family. So, during leave they like to spend most of their leave period with them only. "Eastern Zonal Association of Marine Engineers" is a social organization which is not only an organisation of the marine engineers it is basically an organisation of marine engineer´s family. So, organisation organises such events where all members can join with their family. In this way all members are extending their helping hands to others to meet their any requirements.

After these long periods of our efforts, we have finally managed to have our own Office place, in 2012, at Tollygunge (Kudghat) , near NETAJI Metro Station. Before this, we used to have our monthly meetings at different addresses. But we are no more a rolling stone; we have our own address and members generously contributed for these.

During this long journey, we tried to extend our helping hands to the family of some of our members who has left us early. We tried to give some financial support for the kid´s education. In future we are going to form a separate account, from where such requirement can be fulfilled. Our members are donating bloods, if required by any other members or their family. Every year organisation arranges a family picnic, yearly cultural program and other social events.

Near future we are going to organise technical seminars on various aspects and developments in marine engineering. Hope such events will be helpful to our young members to enhance their engineering knowledge.

We want more marine engineers to come forward and join this organisation to increase our strength, so we can change the proverb "That mariners are not united".

The objects for which the society is established are:
» To form an association of Marine Engineers belonging to the same profession for mutual benefit of the members.
» To acquire, establish, start, aid, run, maintain or manage libraries for the benefit of the members.
» To arrange & organize lectures, debates, discussions, seminars & excursions for the diffusion of knowledge.
» To publish or cause to be published useful literatures, papers, magazines, books etc.
» To organize physical culture, indoor & outdoor games.
» To maintain libraries & reading rooms.
» To help the members in their physical culture through sports, games, travelling, trekking, climbing, swimming, water
    sports, boating etc.
» To promote & encourage advancement of literacy, cultural, scientific and technical education.
» To collect donations and subscriptions for the purpose of the society.
» To construct, maintain, improve, develop and/or hire any building, house or other works which are necessary
    or convenient for the purpose of the society.
» To do all such acts, deeds, matters and things as may be deemed incidental or conductive to the foregoing objects.
» To promote unity, harmony and self-discipline among the members through the bonds of friendship.
» To render relief to the suffering in times of famine, flood, draught, earthquake any other natural calamities.

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